L E T I T I A  L I U
Head Illustrator & Animator at Metapsis, Ex Animator & Illustrator at TigerPan Design Lab. 
BA (Hons) 2D Digital Animation Graduate at the University of Hertfordshire. 
Most passionate about Illustration, Hand-drawn Animation, 2D Motion Graphics, and sharing empathy,
Collaborated with Meta, United Nations - 25th Anniversary of UNAIDS, Bestore, Mengniu Dairy, Jin Mai Lang, Wilmar International, Tasly, and more.
A goal-driven enthusiast that's always curious and adventurous to experiment, learn, and give.

A W A R D S   &   A C H I E V E M E N T S 
2021 4 A' Design Award Silver Awards 
2020 Contemporary Good Design Award - Winner 
2020 London International Creative Competition - Official Selection Prize 
2020 CGDA Graphic Design Academy Award
2020 C-IDEA Design Award 
2020 International Design Master Award 
2020 Asian Design Invitation Exhibition - China & Japan
2020 ShenZhen Illustration Association (SIA) - Professional Member
2019 The Silvertip Films Horsham Film Festival - Best Animation (Over 18s)
2018 Weihnachtsfilmfestival (Christmas Film Festival Berlin) - “Hard to believe” Shorts Screening
2018 Screentest: The National Student Film Festival - Shortlisted
2018 International Exhibition of Super Short Films - Screening
2018 Award-Winning CGI 2D/3D Short Film “Flicker” - Featured on TheCGBros
2018 University of Hertfordshire Animation Exposé - Audience Choice Award Winner
2018 University of Hertfordshire Animation Exposé - Grand Prix Winner
2016 YMM Art Academy (ShenZhen) Star Alumni Guest Talk 
2015 London 10th Annual Stereohype Button Badge Design Competition - First Prize (Set of 4) 
2014 Personal Exhibition in Shang Hai 
Thank you very much!
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